About Me

Hello I'm Erica and I have had a love of all things handmade since I was young.  My grandmother was the same and I learnt most of what I know from her. I have tried my hand at many crafts but never found one that really fitted me, until now.  I had toyed with the idea of making my own clothes but had never been brave enough to try it.  Last year I bought a cheap and cheerful singer machine and started out my sewing adventure.  I made some simple things like toys and bags and found I really loved doing it, yes I had found the craft that finally made me happy.  I was lucky enough to have a spare room I have set up as my sewing space and I can't wait to get in there every time I have a spare moment.   I am finally ready to start sewing clothes, who knows some might even be good enough for me to wear. 

I wanted a way to document my journey and thought about scrapbooks etc. but thought it might be fun to do a blog that would show how I'm progressing and to also share with you my ups and downs, who knows I might even inspire some of you to do the same.

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